Save Time and Money by Using Online Shopping Portals

Why do Stores have Sales or discount clearances?

What’s the point of stores offering discounts, sales, and clearances and make less money in the process? This is a good question. Believe it or not! stores can benefit by offering consumers products that are lower priced even though they are making less profit. This may seem strange, but there are good reasons why stores want you to take advantage of discounts, sales, and seasonal clearance. I have outlined a number of reasons below to help you understand why stores benefit by saving you money.


There are many reasons why stores offer discounts. They may want to target a particular group of people such as seniors, students, and military professionals. Sometimes, stores want to attract new customers that normally don’t shop there. By attracting certain types of customers, stores will benefit by expanding their customer base for the future with stores hoping to secure potential new sales over time.

Sales (end of season, clearance, New Year, liquidation)

Sales happen throughout the year, so stores can get rid of overstocked inventory, overpriced items, or unpopular products. The reason for this is it costs too much money for stores to keep large inventory of products sitting on shelves or in warehouses. When you purchase products on sale, you not only help the store clean out their inventory, but you are also saving money. It is a win-win situation. Stores win by getting more room for new merchandise, and you win by paying less.

Remember don’t be tempted to buy items that you do not need just because they are being offered at an attractive price. Only buy if you plan on using it.

Seasonal Clearance

The reason why seasonal clearances exist is that it allows stores to get rid of out of seasonal products and end of range items and to make room for new seasonal products. You can take advantage of the end of season clearance by saving 40% to 80% off of the original prices. Some great stuff to buy during the end of season clearance are clothes (end of seasonal product range), Christmas merchandise (after Christmas), heaters and snow blowers (in the spring), air conditioners (in the fall). If you don’t mind waiting for another year to get better use out of your purchase, then seasonal sales are great for you.

Online Shopping Portals

Sometimes, discounts, sales, and seasonal clearances are not advertised. Many store and retailers offer internet only discounts so they can clear stock straight from the warehouse to your home making it more cost effective and passing some of the saving on to the customer. There are a number of ways to find these saving opportunities. First, you can go to the store in person or trawl their internet site both of which can be non productive and time consuming.