Global Online Shopping Gets a Huge Boost From a Unique New Reverse Auction Platform

Given the incredible popularity of online auctions, along with the reality of human ingenuity and the perennial drive to build a better mousetrap, it’s not too surprising that there’s a robust new player in the online auction and global online shopping arenas.

In this case, the ingenuity factor has originated in Europe and the drive component has been provided by eleven world class entrepreneurs, all of whom reside in Dubai.

Starting about five years ago, they began laying the foundations for the world’s first “reverse auction house.” Over the next three years, they painstakingly created the highly complex infrastructure for this new global venture. This included securing the necessary agreements to make it operational in 160 different countries.

This new business has been operating for two years now throughout Europe, where it has been growing rapidly. According to recent reports, it now has 14,000 Licensees and 1.4 million customers there. Although, at this point, this is a mere “pimple on the nose” of the other well-known online auction house, with its 222 million customers, it’s important to recognize that the competition is nevertheless very real and that it has only just begun.

This highly appealing reverse auction shopping portal launched officially in the United States on October 4th 2008 and as of late November, it already had over 3,000 Licensees, a number that is projected to increase to around 14,000 by the beginning of the New Year. By the end of 2009 this number is projected to grow to over 40,000 licensees and approximately 3.5 million customers. And, by the middle of 2010, the company estimates that it will have secured 20% – 25% of the current net profits of its leading competitor.

So what possible threat could such a foreign upstart pose to a well-established giant? While it’s not likely that it will become the new King of the Online Auction Hill in the immediate future, it has some unique and highly attractive features that have already proven to be very popular in Europe. And it’s very likely that these will be equally, or even more, appealing to Americans.

First and foremost of these is the highly novel concept of a “reverse auction,” which has three variations. The first of these, called the “Xpress Auction,” entails “bidding down” the price of a product by 25 cents each time that a customer checks its current price; the second one, the “Zero Price Auction,” is actually a way to get high-ticket, brand name and brand new products at zero cost; and the “Unique Bid” auction is a time-limited auction in which the customer who places the lowest unique bid gets the product at that price.

The second highly novel and powerful feature of this new approach, which is in direct contrast to its competitor, is that it is marketed by a network of Licensees who share a hefty proportion of its profits. This model has now been proven to work exceedingly well in Europe and is expected to be even more successful in the U.S. where network marketing is much more widely accepted and better established.

Considering that the net annual revenue of the leading auction house is currently around $8.5 billion dollars, these network marketing Licensees are strongly motivated by a highly attractive financial incentive and will, no doubt, become an increasingly powerful growth factor for the reverse auction business.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about this new global online shopping option, either as a potential customer or as a possible network marketing home business, extensive information is available at the website below.

Discount Online Shopping

Discounts make the secret that keeps thousands of online retailers in the business. Even if we were millionaires we’d still be happy to get big bargains. We really like to pinch and squeeze and want to pay half or quarter price for the products we buy. That is why online shopping deals have caught on in a big way.

People actually look for discounts from the very moment they open a retailer’s web page. From Elizabeth Arden toiletries to Seiko watches and children’s clothes, you can find virtually anything at the most unbeatable prices when you go shopping online. In fact, it is a common practice now to display two prices corresponding to each product: the original and the slashed price so consumers have an idea of the savings they would be making on a purchase. Shipping conditions are usually part of the same discount policy.

Discount online shopping also applies to transportation costs that are covered by the retailer. This generally slips into place in case you are a frequent client or if the value of the items you purchased is higher than a preset sum of money. Bigger discounts are usually granted for more expensive products. Branded luxury items like Elizabeth Arden, Prada eyeglasses and the like attract high price cuts when you shop for them online. Seasonal items such as sunscreen lotions or clothes are other good examples of products subjected to periodical discounts. If you are wondering how online retailers are able to afford such huge discounts, you only have to look so far as their business structure to be convinced. Online retailers cut costs in storage. They also deal directly with customers and are able to save on commission. Many shops pass on this cost savings to their customers.

However, finding the right deals on the Internet is not a lightning job. It takes perseverance and patience to go through all the product catalogs and see which items are discounted and which are not. A good idea here is to shop by brand name: simply type the producer’s name in the search box on the site and you’ll be given all the product listings with pictures and info. Moreover, comparisons between various retailer sites are also a common practice for the shopper eager to shrink their budget. That said, remember that discount online shopping is not always possible, particularly when you want to buy an item from a new collection, or a product that you need right away, without having the time to check for bargains.

Websites are not created identical and every retailer has their specificity. A pleasant thing to do is develop a certain routine in visiting the same online shop particularly if you are satisfied with their products and services.

The presence of wide collections from varied fields of activity makes the Internet “malls” even more interesting. From books and magazines, clothes and footwear, computers and electronics, to video games and hobbies, furniture and collectibles, a good site allows you to make very rewarding purchases. Have fun!

“Fulfilled by Amazon” Online Shopping – Is it Safe?

Have you ever wanted to buy something over the internet, or have bought an item online, and wondered how safe the transaction really is?  What about a return policy?  What if you are dissatisified, and want a refund?  If you have heard of Amazon, then you have heard of their size and great selection of things to buy.  What you might not have noticed is that many other online “stores” and shopping malls/marts are “Amazon Fulfilled” sites. This means that you are purchasing items from a non-Amazon website store, but the items are going to be delivered to you from Amazon.  This is an Amazon Fulfilled Shop.  Shopping at a so-called “Fulfilled By Amazon” Online Sites, (and there are many Amazon Fulfilled sites on the web),  can be a great shopping experience.  Many sites are specific niche sites, and many are full-blown “malls” and offer thousands of products.  These are what it means to shop at, or have a, high-volume e-commerce business on the internet.  And Amazon is the undisputed King of online shopping. Thousands of transactions per day are handled from hundreds of non-Amazon sites all over the online world.  But have you ever wondered if they are really as safe as shopping directly on Amazon?  I believe they are, and here is why:

How does “Fulfilled by Amazon” work?

Amazon’s Return policy states:

Items “Fulfilled by Amazon” are shipped from an Amazon Fulfillment Center to you. All of our standard shipping rates and policies apply to these items, including FREE Super Saver Shipping on qualifying orders over $25.

Amazon also handles all customer service and product returns for “Fulfilled by Amazon” sites.

What is the Return Policy on these sites?

Because order fulfillment is provided by, all orders are subject to the current returns policy.  This is precisely the reason I believe that shopping and ordering items on these sites are as safe as the good faith of Amazon.

You may return new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. Items should be returned in their original packaging. will also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of an error. Just visit the online Returns Center, and will guide you through the process and even supply you with a return mailing label you can print out.

In conclusion, shopping at e-commerce online websites, thanks to the power of Amazon, are as safe as if you were actually at Amazon shopping.  The safety of shopping at an Amazon fulfilled site is that your purchase is backed by the full faith and credit and return policy of Amazon. This is about as safe as you can get.  Shop on, and be a good bargain hunter!

Trench Coat Online Shopping For Both Women And Men

Times have passed when one had to go physically to a shop or store in order to purchase goods. With the dawning of the information age and the constant development of the internet, one can order for goods from the comfort of one’s office or home. Most companies that deal in various goods and services have websites wherein they offer information on their products, plus delivery at one’s home or office once one purchases their products. Having a website has become a basic requirement for any business to succeed nowadays. A company without a website may find it hard to carve its niche in its specific field of business.

Being that one cannot physically see the product that one is purchasing online, caution is a virtue that must be put into good use to avoid being swindled. Detailed knowledge of the product you wish to purchase will come in handy when looking for a product. The same goes when trench coat online shopping. They come in many colors, styles, designs and length, all hinging on the coats designer. Each person has a certain design which they find suits them the best as compared to others. When online shopping, there are a few factors that one should consider.

The trench coat that one chooses should be a proper fit. An ill-fitting one will be a nightmare to wear. Some trench coat designs may make one have a different outlook to others; for instance, one may look larger or shorter than they actually are. One should also decide whether their ideal one is a double or single breasted. These two designs have a significant difference in the outlook of the coat wearer.

The length of the coat is also very important if you are buying online. A coat of the ideal length should compliment one’s dressing as well as protect from the harsh effects of the weather. The color of the trench coat should also be to one’s liking. Being that one is buying online, carefully select from the colors presented on the vendor’s website. Last and most important is the price. Make sure that you select a that is one within the price range that one can afford. It is advisable to compare the price of one’s ideal trench coat with a number of vendors online. Do not be blinded by the brand of the coat. A similar coat; if not better; may be available at an affordable price according to one’s budget.

One of the best things about the trench as a fashion wear is its unisex nature. There is a variety of trench coats for men on the web. These coats have the appeal of making a man sexier and manly, while some say that it has an appeal of wealth. Every stylish man needs to have one in his wardrobe, as men need to look fashionably warm in cold seasons.

These days men’s trench coats come in different colors, but the dark and brown shades remain to be popular. You can never go wrong with khaki, beige coats. Most fashion experts agree that they have proved to be a timeless fashion piece and statement.

There are also other options of coats for men, including the submarine and machine gun coats. All of these, including the trench, originate from the British or French soldiers in the First World War. They remain to be timeless, fashionable items due to their convenience and style. This is why these coats should be common among men just as suits are, since their origin points to strength and masculinity. No wonder men look more appealing in them. Therefore, men should not be left in being active online shoppers to add such great items to their wardrobes.